Leatherman x Shinola Multi-Tool

Based on the beloved Charge AL, this new Leatherman x Shinola Multi-Tool makes a few changes to the classic that should please any modern gentleman. At first glance, you'll notice the matte navy anodized exterior case, but look closer and you'll see the original lineup of tools, which includes pliers, cutters, knives, scissors, openers, rings, and more, has been augmented by bike hex and a watch strap replacement tools exclusive to this collaboration. Arrives with a leather carrying sheath and a bit kit for tackling even more jobs.

  • Shaper Origin CNC Machine

    Most CNC machines are huge. The Shaper Origin CNC Machine is small enough to fit in a cabinet. The world's first hand-held CNC machine, it uses an innovative interface to let you make precise cuts without robotic assistance. You simply move the machine, following the shape outlines on the display, and it does the rest. It will automatically retract if you go off course and gently auto-corrects when you wander, resulting in cuts that are within 1/100 inch of your intended path. On-board drawing tools let you work computer-free, a dust extraction port makes cleanup a breeze, and since it's a hand tool, it can work on nearly any size of material, something normal CNC's can't claim.

  • Craftsman Slide Cartridge Screwdriver

    When the weekend hits, you never know what kind of jobs will demand your attention around the house. The Slide Cartridge Screwdriver from Craftsman can stand up to most of those tasks, featuring a Twist and Go Cartridge that holds 6 bits. The litium-ion battery charges in 3-5 hours but there is no self-discharge when you aren't using it, so it's ready to go when you need it. You also get a easy-to-hold, rubbery handle grip and an LED sight light for visibility in dark places.

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