Lego Sydney Opera House

There are few modern buildings more recognizable than the Sydney Opera House, with its shell rooftops, harbor views, and striking lines. The Lego Sydney Opera House ($320) does a remarkable job of recreating this 20th-Century architectural marvel in the form of a 11" by 25" by 15" model. Modular construction and new building techniques will keep you intrigued throughout the build. With nearly 3,000 bricks (including the largest blue-stud baseplate they've ever made and a wealth of dark tan bricks), this set is a worthwhile challenge for the most advanced lego builders. Available in September.

  • B Remote-Controlled Flying Car

    With the ability to drive and fly, the B Remote-Controlled Flying Car/Helicopter ($560) can pretty much go anywhere. Its innovation lies in a patent-pending wheel and propeller design, which places each prop within the wheel. It can take off vertically, hover and fly, and return to the ground to continue driving. Durable polycarbonate construction means it can survive falls from the air and punishing terrain on the ground. A 720p on-board camera and 32G Micro SD card support makes this one capable reconnaissance vehicle. Now, if only they could figure out a way to make the battery last longer than 15 minutes a charge.

  • Tek Recon Battle System

    Step aside, Nerf. The Tek Recon Battle System ($25 and up) raises the bar for projectile-based toy combat by adding a touch of realism and a touch of video gaming to the proceedings. The two blasters — the pistol-like Hammerhead and the assault rifle-esque Havok — fire custom NRG rounds that provide rapid firing and the ability to hit targets up to 75 feet away, feature metallic green and orange paint jobs, and, thanks to the unique, pump-action propulsion system, also offer real triggers and recoil. In addition, they feature built-in cradles for your iPhone or Android, giving you a heads-up display and the ability to enter into games with your friends, then play games like every man for himself, team battle, or capture the flag. The downside? Unlike Halo, Tek Recon requires you to have actual, real-life friends.

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