Lego Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon

It's not just the Ultimate Lego Star Wars collectible. It's arguably the most desirable Lego set in existence. Clocking in at 7,541 pieces, the new Lego Ultimate Collector's Series Millennium Falcon is the biggest Lego set in history and comes in a box to match. Insanely detailed, it has multiple interior sections, can easily be swapped between the configuration seen in The Empire Strikes Back and the one from the new trilogy, and as such comes with ten minifigs representing the crew members from each — including both young and old Han Solos. Should its price seem like a deterrent, consider that its predecessor, released in 2007 and missing over 2,000 pieces from this set, consistently sells for over a grand on eBay.

  • Lego Guggenheim Museum

    Built in 1959, the Guggenheim Museum in New York City is another stunning achievement in the portfolio of the late Frank Lloyd Wright. To celebrate what would have been his 150th birthday, Lego is adding The Guggenheim to its architectural series. The cylindrical building is wider at the top than the bottom and is known for its unique ramp gallery and iconic skylight. The Lego replica includes 744 pieces, including Wright's architectural lettering on the Guggenheim sign and a section of New York City's 5th Avenue Museum Mile, complete with its signature yellow cabs.

  • Lego Technic Drift Wagon

    Lego's Ideas program is proof that you can build almost anything with those little bricks, especially if you're using their more advanced Technic system. This Lego Technic Drift Wagon is further proof. Built by an enthusiast, it's a fully-functioning remote control car. It's not all Lego, though: two r/c buggy motors drive the axles, while a servo handles the steering and a separate motor engages the brakes. Four pairs of LEDs provide lighting, and r/c lithium polymer batteries power the show. Several pieces were also 3D printed for better performance, but as shown in the video above, it's all worth it to see your creation sliding across your living room floor.

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