Letterpress Game

As if we needed yet another iOS time-waster. Oh well, we're already sucked in to Letterpress (Free-$1). The latest title from the creator of the app Tweetie — later known as Twitter — Loren Brichter, is a fun new word game that has you and your opponent take turns making words from a 5x5 board of letter tiles, turning the tile to their color. It uses Game Center, so it's easy to find and play against your friends, and it's free to try — you only need to pony up the buck if you want to play more than two games at once, see previously played words, and access additional themes.

  • StockTouch

    Keep track of the entire stock market using nothing but a glance with StockTouch ($5). This groundbreaking app for the iPhone and iPad uses advanced data visualization techniques to give you an idea of which stocks are moving up and which are falling, with plenty of options to adjust the time, market sector, and the ability to zoom in and out anywhere to get more information or a broader view. Of course, you can also create your own personal heat maps of stocks and ETFs, and the data automatically reloads once every 5 minutes throughout the trading day, so you're always up to date. A beautiful design doesn't hurt it, either.

  • Devour App

    Our favorite site for watching awesome videos — Devour.com — has now made our favorite app for watching awesome videos. Just like the site, the Devour iPhone/iPad App (Free) is packed with amazing/hilarious/insightful hand-picked videos, saving you from sifting through the bajillions of YouTube and Vimeo crapola videos yourself. The Devour app has both Latest and Most Popular categories, along with an app-exclusive Leftovers category full of videos that barely missed the cut of the legendary Devour.com homepage. The app also brings AirPlay support for watching videos on your television (Apple TV required), a button for surfing videos randomly, and the ability to save your favorite videos to your own Playlist. We don't always watch web videos, but when we do, we prefer Devour.com.

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