Sure, it supports 4K resolutions, but when a TV measures 77 — or even 65 — inches diagonally, it's going to draw a lot of attention whether it's on or off. Luckily, the new ultra-slim LG G6 OLED TV looks great either way. Thanks to a Picture-On-Glass design, it measures just 2.57mm thick, not including the integrated sound bar speaker system from harman/kardon. The set's OLED and ColorPrime Pro technologies let it take full advantage of the new HDR standard, and the webOS 3.0-powered smart interface is among the nicest built into any TV on the market.

  • Tivo Bolt

    Cord cutting is a real trend. But if you're not ready to wean yourself off the cable TV teat just yet, the Tivo Bolt can at least improve your experience. This 4K-capable box lets you skip entire commercial breaks with a single button press, and offers Tivo's renowned universal search across all your cable channels, OTA feeds, and streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime. Its Cable Card slot lets you ditch your crappy set top box, the new QuickMode lets you watch slow-moving recorded shows up to 30% faster without audio distortion, and it can record up to four shows at once. Available 500GB and 1TB models, with the ability to add more storage by hooking up an external drive.

  • Logitech Harmony Elite Remote

    It's not the first remote capable of controlling a smart home. It's just one of the first to be designed with that in mind. The Logitech Harmony Elite Remote builds on the company's legacy of rock solid remotes with an improved layout and buttons dedicated to home automation control. Despite the changes, it keeps the best features of the company's prior flagships, including a color touchscreen, vibration feedback, and an included Hub that lets you control your entire setup remotely via the Harmony app, even if your gear is inside a cabinet or in another room.

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