LG Portable LED Projector

Looked at only as a piece of stunning industrial design, the LG Portable LED Projector ($700) has enough to make Dieter Rams and his ilk a bit jealous. Taken for what it is — a highly-portable, internet-connected LED projector — there's not much there that disappoints. This tiny device (under five by five by three inches and weighing just over a pound) packs everything you'd want in a projector: built-in Wi-Fi, the ability to project up to a 125-inch screen, HDMI connection, and WXGA (1280 by 800) resolution. It can also mirror content from any Miracast-equipped device. Unfortunately, that seems to rule out iOS devices, at least for now.

  • Fan TV

    Aiming to simplify our TV watching experience, Fan TV ($TBA) integrates everything — live TV, DVR, on-demand, streaming — into one smart device. It combines two components: a trackpad remote, Apple-like in its simplicity, and a tiny set-top box, replacing the clunky one from your cable or satellite provider. The touch-based remote also replaces its button-based counterpart, allowing you to control everything from channels and volume, to a search screen for seamlessly finding content across each of your services. It streams all of its content — even live TV — from the web over Wi-Fi, so no more ugly coaxial cables; that's great news for cord cutters.

  • Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

    Not satisfied with the IR-only capabilities of the Logitech Harmony Touch? Feast your eyes on the Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote ($350). True to its grandiose name, this powerhouse might look a lot like the Touch, but uses RF signals to communicate with a Hub that in turn issues signals over Infrared and Bluetooth to everything from TVs to PS3s. It also controls Philips Hue lights, and offers its own 2.4" touchscreen — but if you'd rather use something a bit larger, you can download the Harmony app and control the whole show from your smartphone or tablet.

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