Lichty Guitars

Lichty Guitars

Sometimes guitars are just tools, there to make sound and nothing else. That's not the case with Lichty Guitars ($4,000 and up). Lovingly handmade by Jay Lichty in his Tryon, NC workshop, these guitars are as much pieces of art as instruments — although they're good at that too — thanks to their construction from striking woods like Brazilian Rosewood, Cocobolo, Bubinga, Claro Walnut, Koa, and Pau Ferro. Just don't go all punk rock with one of these — it would be a real shame to see one smashed onstage.

  • Humanscale Paramount

    Overkill. Insane. Impressive. All of these words are apt descriptors for the Humanscale Paramount ($1,800). The mother of all monitor mounts, it can accomodate anywhere from two to eight monitors weighing up to 35 lbs. each, and offers independent adjustment for perfect placement, crossbar "wings" that adjust from front to back to let you choose between a flat or parabolic display, and an integrated cable management system to hide the huge mess of cables from sight. Good luck finding a machine capable of running eight monitors at a time, but then again, if you've got easy access to eight displays, odds are that won't a problem.

  • Cobra PhoneTag

    It seems simple enough: using your smartphone to keep track of valuable nearby items like your laptop bag or car keys. So why is no one's done it before? The Cobra PhoneTag ($60) does exactly that, using a Bluetooth connection between the included dongle and your iPhone, Android device, or BlackBerry to let you know if your tagged item has left the vicinity. It immediately sends you an email or text message with GPS coordinates when it happens, and works the other way around, too, letting you "ring" your smartphone from the PhoneTag. Just don't place your phone in the bag that's got the PhoneTag on it, or you'll be completely screwed.

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