Life by Keith Richards

Life by Keith Richards

Who better to discuss the fragile nature of human life than a member of the undead? While he might not be a literal zombie, Life by Keith Richards ($16) only reaffirms the notion that he's done enough drugs over his 60+ years to preserve himself long into the afterlife. Covering ground from his childhood and first musical interests through becoming a Rolling Stone, tax exile, husband, father, and eventually big-screen pirate, Life has more insight to offer than you might think.

  • Microcosmos

    Explore the world around you like never before with Microcosmos ($14). This fascinating 200+ photo book is filled with images captured using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), accompanied by a brief description and broken down into six categories: microorganisms, botany, the human body, zoology, minerals, and technology. With photos ranging in zoom from 20X to 22 million X, there's sure to be something to amaze you, although you might want to hold off until after you've eaten.

  • Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks

    While there are tons of stories about the characters who inhabited the old west, there were just as many rugged, industrious souls working to tame the wilds of New England. Bootleggers, Lobstermen & Lumberjacks ($12) collects 50 of the craziest tales from the region's past, including incidents as varied as witch hunts and shark attacks, all told in a humorous, engaging manner that's sure to keep you entertained on a cold winter day.

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