Longhorn Steer Grill

Longhorn Steer Grill

Bring some fun to your grilling with the Longhorn Steer Grill ($1,700). This black cylindrical grill is decorated to look like its namesake, complete with eyes, horns, and mouth. It features a stainless steel handle, a multi-position digital thermostat control, and viper casters, making sure your food tastes as good as your grill looks.

  • BBQ Sword

    Aspirations of becoming a Zorro-like swordsman getting in the way of your grilling? Combine the two with the BBQ Sword ($30). This two-pronged fork looks more like a slashing apparatus than a cooking utensil, all the way down to the stainless steel hilt and included cardboard mask to hide your identity. Just remember to stab the meat, not your guests. [via]

  • Grill Tray

    Use your grill for more than just burning meat with this Grill Tray ($50) from Williams-Sonoma. Made from a patented heat-conducting aluminum alloy, the 16.5-inch tray is great for cooking dishes like nachos or fajitas, and its pewter-like looks make it a suitable serving dish as well. Go forth and cook.

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