Lotus C-01 Motorcycle

They're far better known for the sports and race cars, but believe it or not, Lotus can come up with a pretty slick two-wheeler, as well. The Lotus C-01 Motorcycle is a perfect example. Designed by Daniel Simon of Bugatti and Tron: Legacy fame, this ultra-limited bike (only 100 are being made) features a slick, lightweight body, a two-cylinder, four-stroke 1,195cc engine putting out 200 horsepower, and paired with a six-gear transmission. While we don't have performance numbers yet, considering it weighs under 400 pounds, we're expecting it to be really, really fast.

  • Zero FX Stealthfighter Motorcycle

    Sometimes you just want to ride — no fuss, no maintenance, no stops at the gas station — all you want to focus on is the road (or the dirt track) and your bike. With the Zero FX Stealthfighter Motorcycle ($10,000), you can eliminate all the obstacles associated with riding, and just have fun, whether it's on the street, or off the road. With 44 horsepower and 70 pound-feet of torque, and weighing in at a scant 280 pounds, this bike has the kind of power-to-weight ratio that will let you do just about anything. Couple that with a slick all-black paint job, off-road ready suspension and tire setup, and an all-electric motor, and you get one versatile bike that just can't be stopped.

  • Voxan Wattman Motorcycle

    While billed as the world's most-powerful all-electric bike, the Voxan Wattman Motorcycle ($TBA) may also just be the world's ugliest. Wrapped in a light-weight aluminum exoskeleton chassis that houses all of its drivetrain components, this bike would likely be more comfortable on the set of a Tron sequel than an actual motorway. What's really impressive about this bike is a little harder to see at first glance: the 200 horsepower electric engine makes it easily the most powerful EV on two wheels, propelling it to 100mph in just under six seconds, while still retaining the ability to recharge in less than 30 minutes.

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