We love to grill out, that much is obvious. But some living situations make it completely impossible to safely get the experience and flavor of meat cooked on the grill (read: small apartments in the city with little-to-no yard or porch to speak of). The LotusGrill ($300) is a smokeless charcoal grill that uses a battery-powered fan, allowing it to cook faster, and more efficiently. Available in red, black, orange, green, and purple.

  • Truma Propane Levelcheck

    Whether you sell propane and propane accessories, or just prefer to taste the meat and not the heat, you'll want to grab a Truma Propane Levelcheck ($90). This handy little device uses ultrasound to check the level of the liquid gas left in your cylinder. The LED turns green if it senses liquid, and red if it senses none, so you can tell at a glance when it's time to refill. That means less time spent knocking on and shaking your propane tank, and more time spent on extracurricular activities, like enjoying a nice cold can of Alamo out back with the guys.

  • BBQ Branding Iron

    Put your mark on that perfect piece of meat — no that's not what we mean — with the DCI BBQ Branding Iron ($18). This metal and wood branding iron is the perfect addition to your collection of grilling tools. It includes the entire alphabet (plus extras and spacers), so you can write just about any message you think of. Letters easily slide onto the rack, with no need for additional tools. Stake a claim to that porterhouse, or amuse your friends with your favorite Ron Swanson-ism ("You had me at meat tornado").

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