lttl Tumbler

The most important thing you carry each day, other than your smartphone, is your drink of choice. So whether it's coffee, water, or something else, the lttl Tumbler has you covered. It's a vacuum insulated, double-walled vessel, that promises to keep your cold drinks cold for up to 24 hours, and hot drinks hot for over 4. The lttl Tumbler is easy to clean with a one-piece stopper and is top-rack dishwasher safe. The stopper regulates flow without splashes and it fits into any cupholder, making it an easy choice for your next road trip or commute. The leakproof seal means it's safe to toss into your backpack or gym bag. Available in brushed stainless, soft lavender, pale rose gold, and matte black.

Presented by Impel Studio.

  • Wazer Waterjet Cutter

    Traditional waterjets are huge, expensive, and a pain to maintain. The Wazer Waterjet Cutter is none of those. Able to sit on most desktops or work areas, this self-contained unit uses a high-pressure water stream and tiny sand-like abrasive particles to cut through nearly any material, including aluminum, glass, steel, carbon fiber, and even marble. It has integrated storage for the abrasive, simple onboard controls, and easy height adjustment, and cleans up quickly after you're done cutting. It supports standard DXF and SVG files from common software like Illustrator, Solidworks, or SketchUp, and can make cuts as precise as 0.003", letting you create everything from simple shapes to intricate designs.

  • Worx Switchdriver

    Even the most novice DIY'er knows the hassle of switching back and forth between a drill bit and a driver. The Worx Switchdriver makes the process easier than ever. It has a rotating head with two 1/4 inch chucks — one for your bit, and one for your driver. Since neither bit has to be removed, you can drill a hole, rotate the head, and sink the screw in a single step. Its 20V lithium battery provides roughly two hours of use per charge, and the integrated LED light lets you work anytime, day or night.

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