Mad Men Unbuttoned

Mad Men Unbuttoned

Counting down the days until the Mad Men season four premiere? Pass the time by perusing the 250+ pages of Mad Men Unbuttoned ($12). Penned by Natasha Vargas-Cooper of Public School Intelligentsia fame, this unique quasi-history book looks at both the show and the era in which it's set, covering advertising, sex, politics, design, and pop culture with interesting tidbits of information scattered throughout. Don Draper wannabes should beware its tricky name, however — Unbuttoned is more or less devoid of fashion tips.

  • Clone Brews

    Like to brew your own beer, but long for the taste of Saison Dupont, Sierra Nevada, or even that most interesting of Mexican brews, Dos Equis? Pick up a copy of Clone Brews ($12). This commercial beer-obsessed home brewer's bible contains 200 recipes for beers around the world, so you can whip-up your own batch of Guinness for St. Paddy's Day, Sam Adams for July 4th, or Paulaner Hefeweizen for... Wheat Day without the need for weeks of tweaking your recipe — also known as "getting drunk."

  • Edible Estates

    You can put as many solar panels on your roof or hoist as many windmills as you want, but one of the most affordable, most green changes you can make to your home is utilizing your yard for food production. While it's not exactly a how-to book, Edible Estates ($17) does give you an intimate look at eight prototype gardens installed across the country, as well as insight and personal accounts from folks who have already made the leap themselves. Sure, it might be against your HOA guidelines, but when has that stopped you before?

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