McLaren P1

When is a car even more nebulous than a concept? When it's a "design study". The McLaren P1 ($TBA) is a perfect example. While the design of the final product is sure to be close to what we're viewing here — and that's certainly a good thing — the specs are shrouded in mystery. All we're promised is "the best driver's car in the world on the road and track", which we hope is good enough for anyone ponying up the cash for this beast when it goes on sale in the next year.

  • McLaren X-1 Concept

    Enjoy these photos of the McLaren X-1 Concept ($TBA), because it's probably as close as you'll ever get to one. Created by McLaren Special Operations for an anonymous client — one who already owned a a McLaren F1, a Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren and a 12C, in case you needed more reason to be jealous — the X-1 is structurally based on a carbon MonoCell but features a totally unique body that recalls the classic, swooping lines of cars gone by. Otherwise, it's much like the 12C, right down to the twin-turbo 625PS engine which gives it "astonishing" acceleration and top speed. Guess we'll have to take their word for it.

  • Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine

    Why buy a beat up van to ruggedize for the apocalypse when you pick up a new ride right off the showroom floor? While it's unlikely to appear at dealerships anytime soon, the Hyundai Zombie Survival Machine ($TBA) is certainly ready for any undead action that comes its way. Based on the Elantra Coupe, it features a custom zombie plow — complete with spikes — out in front, armored window coverings, a roof hatch, a trunkfull of weaponry, floodlights in the front and back, spiked all-terrain tires, wheels with spikes for clipping nearby walkers, and an all-important CB radio system. After all, you don't really expect your cell phone to work during the end times, do you?

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