Explore the world around you like never before with Microcosmos ($14). This fascinating 200+ photo book is filled with images captured using scanning electron microscopy (SEM), accompanied by a brief description and broken down into six categories: microorganisms, botany, the human body, zoology, minerals, and technology. With photos ranging in zoom from 20X to 22 million X, there's sure to be something to amaze you, although you might want to hold off until after you've eaten.

  • Old Man Drinks

    Think twice before you start making fun of the elder statesman sitting at the end of the bar — odds are he might know something you don't. Old Man Drinks ($10) celebrates the drinks of generations past, offering up descriptions, histories, and recipes for over 60 vintage cocktails, including Sidecars, Rusty Nails, and the aptly-named Old Fashioneds.

  • Beer Is Proof God Loves Us

    No matter what your stance on the divine, if you're reading this site, odds are you like beer, and if you like beer, odds are you'll like this book. Stealing its title from an old Ben Franklin quote, Beer Is Proof God Loves Us ($18) is an interesting journey into the world of beer, including its history, its social influence, its heritage, and its powerful properties that keep hundreds of gallons flowing down the gullets of people worldwide every single day.

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