Misa Kitara Digital Guitar

Misa Kitara Digital Guitar

Say hello to the next generation of instruments. The Misa Kitara Digital Guitar ($850) melds the traditional guitar shape with new technology to create an instrument that's instantly familiar and yet unlike anything you've played before. In place of the bridge sits an eight-inch multitouch screen which allows for a wide range of playing techniques, while buttons on the fretboard serve up the notes from the built-in database of more than one hundred sounds — and if that's not enough for you, you can always use the Kitara as a MIDI controller. Coming soon to a stage near you.

  • PowerTrekk

    Have a need for off-the-grid power? The PowerTrekk ($TBA) can supply it. This 2-in-1 portable battery pack and fuel cell can operate on its own as a simple battery, or can serve as a storage buffer for the fuel cell. Simply insert a fuel pack, add water, and the cell will spring to life, charging devices over USB without ever needing a wall charge. Great for camping, hiking, or getting through an extended power outage due to weather/zombie outbreak.

  • Buben & Zorweg Python V12 Watch Winder

    Have so many expensive watches that you don't have time to wear them all? Keep them in good condition with the Buben & Zorweg Python V12 Watch Winder ($55,500). Inspired by yachts and automotive classics, this nauseatingly extravagant winder has spots for either 12 or 36 watches — four of which get the spotlight treatment — as well as LED lighting, a weather station, humidor, and bar, with hand-stitched Italian leather and high-gloss walnut accents. Should look great next to that solid-gold grandfather clock.

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