Moonen Naravino Yacht

Named after an island gateway to the Antarctic, the latest concept yacht from Moonen has a look that is ready to dominate any body of water. It's made of steel, with a 154-foot oceangoing hull and large storage area for food, fuel, or other necessities. You can take in your surroundings on the flybridge with its protective hardtop, or retire to one of the three lower decks. There's an owner's suite, four staterooms for guests, and a central saloon that connects to each of the three decks.

  • Delfast e-Bike

    Most e-bikes might top out at 100 miles on a single charge. But the makers of the Delfast e-bike claim their new bike has a range of 236 miles. That's more than many electric cars currently on the market. Made by a courier company in Ukraine the bike also has a mobile app with GPS, signaling, remote start, and enough power to charge your smartphone with its 2xUSB charger. It weighs under 100 pounds and includes electric assist that maxes out at around 35mph.

  • Dune Hybrid Boat Concept

    Deceptively large given its sleek profile, this Dune Hybrid Boat Concept by designer Eugeni Quitllet blurs the line between speedboat and sailboat. Its streamlined shape comes to a dramatic point 60 meters from the stern, which holds the engine that drives the hidden propeller. The deck provides ample lounging space, with the open cockpit hidden behind a wood-clad dune-like hump in the center, while below deck are six cabins done up in a gold finish to match the exterior.

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