Most fitness trackers are designed only to record your activity, measuring your movement throughout the day and maybe even supplying some performance metrics. The Moov can certainly do all that, but it serves as a personal trainer, too. By pairing either one or two of the waterproof 9-axis motion sensors — the number depends on the activity you're doing — with your phone over Bluetooth 4.0, the companion app is able to give you audio and visual instructions while you're working out, serving as a virtual personal trainer, and helping you to maximize your efforts while avoiding injury.

  • Onyx Communicator

    Instant communication with a group can be a clunky, arduous process. So when you need to communicate right now, the Onyx Communicator might be the best choice. Onyx is a small, wearable device that delivers instant group communication with no geographical limits. Whether it's a team hard at work organizing an event, coordinating a surprise birthday party, or an emergency, the Onyx Communicator puts group communication at your fingertips.

  • Goal Zero Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool

    Even when you're off the grid, having a power supply for your camera, phone, or tablet is imperative. The Switch 10 USB Multi-Tool from Goal Zero just became an essential element for your pack, with a 7-watt solar panel, and a replaceable, lightweight, lithium battery that powers up from any USB. Charge your phone, camera, tablet or any USB-powered device, or switch over to the flashlight for light in a dark spot. It even comes with a small fan, making it a true all-in-one power solution.

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