More/Real Stylus Caps

More/Real Stylus Caps

You know the problem with most touchscreen styluses? They don't feel like real writing instruments. More/Real Stylus Caps ($20) aim to solve that problem. Crafted from stainless steel, these custom caps are made to fit perfectly onto the tip of the Sharpie, Bic, or Pilot Fineliner you already have around the office, serving as a stylus for tablet use and a cap for the pen, meaning you'll have one less thing to throw into your man bag alongside your iPad.

  • Blackbird Lucky 13 Guitar

    Inspired by early 20th century 12th fret guitars, the Blackbird Lucky 13 Guitar ($1,800) packs full-size sound into a three-quarter sized body. This is made possible by the Lucky 13's hollow-neck carbon fiber construction and head mounted Stereo Sound Port, which combine to offer a fuller sound. Other features include a 3D sculpted back, a unique 13th fret neck connection that allows for greater fret access while retaining the tonally preferable bridge placement, and a classic shape that mixes the new and old with class and style.

  • Victorinox Secure SSD

    Billed as "the world's smallest 256GB solid-state drive," the new Victorinox Secure SSD ($TBA) blends technology with one of the world's most recognizable tools. Arriving inside a Swiss Army Knife with scissors, a straight blade, and a nail file/screwdriver, this USB 2.0/eSATA II drive features an external e-Paper display for easy labeling, secure data encryption, a 32-bit processor with hardware error correction, dynamic power management, and an included software suite for things like backups, document synchronization, and a password manager. Also available in 64GB and 128GB varieties for those less starved for storage.

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