Mr. Black Denim Refresh & Wash

It's fairly obvious at this point that if you want to extend the life of your favorite jeans, your best option is not to wash them. Ever. Mr. Black Denim Refresh & Wash give you another option. This one-two punch of denim care starts with Refresh, a spray-on treatment derived from plants that kills odors, attacks oils and dirt, and generally serves as a stopgap between treatments with Wash, an enzyme-free formula designed to clean your denim while minimizing fading, shrinking, and stretching. It's a must-have combo for any denim junkie.

  • El Solitario Bonneville Selvedge Denim Coverall

    Whether you're a craftsman by trade, or simply a hobbyist, you know from first-hand experience how messy things can get around the shop — that's why it's important to have the right clothes for the job. The El Solitario Bonneville Selvedge Denim Coverall ($670) gives you a stylish, well-made workwear option that will last for years of hard, dirty work. They feature a button fly with tab closures, plenty of pockets, and pads on the knees, shoulders and neck. Handmade from genuine 14-ounce redline selvedge denim, they're perfect for protecting you from the hazards of working with and around tools.

  • Gustin Denim

    Who said selvage denim has to be expensive? Gustin Denim ($81 and up) is set to change the typical price of a pair by delivering them to you wholesale instead of via retailers — and without the requisite markups. The jeans will be handmade in San Francisco, and will feature the same features you'd expect from a luxury pair, including leather patches, tucked beltloops, selvage side seams and flies, chainstitched waistbands, and custom shaped and finished hardware. On Kickstarter now for April delivery.

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