Muncher Titanium Camping Utensil

You'd be hard pressed to find a camping utensil that is more efficient than The Muncher Titanium Camping Utensil. It's made from aerospace grade titanium, so it's strong yet lightweight at only 0.7 oz. And for such a small tool, it's incredibly useful, packing 10 different functions into its lean frame. It's a spork, serrated knife, potato peeler, bottle opener, flathead screwdriver, and more. It comes with a Hypalon pouch for easy storage and even includes a ferrocerium fire starting flint to help get your campsite up to speed.

  • Solo Skiff Fishing Boat

    Calling it a "boat" might be selling it short. The Solo Skiff Fishing Boat is billed as a fishing kayak, an SUP, and a power boat all in one. Its hull design lets it float in just inches of water, provides enormous amounts of storage, and makes it easy to move around with a paddle or push pole. When time is of the essence, an outboard or trolling motor let you get to your spot quickly, the flat cockpit area makes it easy to stand and move around, and with a sparse layout, there's plenty of room to attach any accessory you want.

  • Blaze Fire Tower

    You don't realize how vital a centerpiece for your backyard is until you see and learn about the Blaze Fire Tower. It's built in the shape of a teepee using precision cut, heavy duty American steel that is over three times thicker than most alternatives. That ensures it will stand up to wind, hail, and whatever each season has to throw at it. And it also doubles as a charcoal grill or smoker, with enough room for a bunch of burgers or a big slab of ribs. It's heavy, but is a cinch to assemble and can collapse into five separate sections. But chances are, you'll set it up, use it frequently, and not even think about moving it for years.

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