Myo Gesture Control Armband

Forget camera-based gesture controls — if you want complete control wherever you are, you need something like the Myo Gesture Control Armband ($150). This innovative new input device communicates with your Mac, PC, phone or tablet over Bluetooth 4.0, and uses proprietary muscle sensors as well as a 6-axis motion sensor to track your movement. The muscle sensors are advanced enough that it can detect changes in gestures down to the individual finger, and because your muscles pick up the signal to move before they actually do, you may see it respond to your movements before you even move. May be combined with a smartphone, Google Glass, and a jetpack to build a "Superhero Starter Pack". [Scouted by Gershon]

  • Sharetapes

    Used to be that if you wanted to share a song or playlist with someone, you made them a mixtape. Sharetapes ($7/5-pack) aim to recreate that experience in the 21st century. Simply create a playlist on Spotify, YouTube, 8tracks, or other online media source, add it to a tape by clicking record on Sharetapes' website, then give the tape to whoever you like. All they need to do is tap the card on their NFC-enabled device, scan the QR code, or hit play on to enjoy your playlist.

  • Meridian Explorer USB DAC

    Whether you use iTunes, Spotify, Rdio, Pandora, or plain ol' Winamp to play music on your computer, you can get more out of it with the Meridian Explorer USB DAC ($300). Hand assembled in the UK, this high-resolution DAC connects to your PC via USB, offering 24bit/192kHz native conversion capability, asynchronous data transfer, a built-in headphone amp, 3.5mm and optical audio outputs, and Meridian's resolution enhancement technology to ensure that your music sounds its best — no matter what the source.

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