Naked & Famous Scratch-N-Sniff Mint Jeans

If you care about the fit of your denim, odds are you go as long as you can in between washes — perhaps to the point where they start to develop a bit of a worn-in aroma. But with the Naked & Famous Scratch-N-Sniff Mint Jeans you don't have to worry about that anymore, because they are made with a minty scent that gets released any time they're scratched. The scent comes from a coating that's applied to these 100-percent japanese cotton jeans, and it lasts for up to five washes — giving you even more motivation to leave them au naturale. So go ahead, skip a few washes, and then don't be afraid to give them a sniff.

  • Gustin Denim

    Who said selvage denim has to be expensive? Gustin Denim ($81 and up) is set to change the typical price of a pair by delivering them to you wholesale instead of via retailers — and without the requisite markups. The jeans will be handmade in San Francisco, and will feature the same features you'd expect from a luxury pair, including leather patches, tucked beltloops, selvage side seams and flies, chainstitched waistbands, and custom shaped and finished hardware. On Kickstarter now for April delivery.

  • Taylor Stitch Summer Weight Denim

    Just because the temperature's rising doesn't mean you have to show off your underwhelming calves. Taylor Stitch Summer Weight Denim ($130) is meant to be worn when the weather gets warm. Handmade in San Francisco from 8 ounce Kaihara Mills indigo selvedge denim, they feature a tailored-but-not-quite-skinny fit, a medium rise with some added shape to keep the back waistband against your skin and some added room for your bait and tackle, and an understated 5-pocket design that'll look great with damn near anything.

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