NES Power Glove

Odds are you wanted one as a kid. It's likely you never got one. Now you have a chance to own an NES Power Glove. Another wonder of Amazon, you can buy this storied Nintendo accessory new for not much more than it cost in 1989. As you can tell from the reviews, it's rather awful as an actual game controller, but as a piece of retro gaming nostalgia, it's hard to beat.

  • Apple Sneakers

    Rainbow logo? Check. Garamond type? Check. A questionable sense of style? Check. These Apple Sneakers tick all the boxes of early-'90s Cupertino. Produced exclusively for the company's employees, these shoes are a rare artifact from one of the darkest periods in Apple's history. They're a size 9 1/2 (not that you're going to wear them), arrive with StockX authentication, and are going up for auction on eBay Sunday, Jun 11.

  • 1953 Disneyland Presentation Map

    Like many grand ideas, Disneyland needed outside funding to get started. In the '50s, however, you couldn't just render your idea and post it on a website. You needed to make your pitch artwork by hand. Which is exactly what Walt Disney and artist Herb Ryman did, inking a piece of vellum with a vision of what would become The Happiest Place On Earth. Vellum doesn't travel well, however, so they transferred and then hand-colored the drawing onto the piece you see here. This 1953 Disneyland Presentation Map was carried by Roy Disney to New York and used in his pitch that secured the funding for the park. It's visible in the background of several photographs of Walt from that era and was eventually given to his friend Grenade Curran, who kept it out of public view for the last sixty years. It has since re-emerged and will be auctioned off by Van Eaton Galleries on June 25th.

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