Ninja Blocks

Fully connect your home to your smartphone with Ninja Blocks ($200). This compact, completely customizable/hackable device allows you to connect with a variety of sensors and actuators to monitor and control things around your home, all directly from your cell phone. The starter kit includes a temperature and humidity sensor, a wireless motion sensor, and a wireless door bell; it's and affordable to add more as you need. Of course, hardware is just part of the solution, which is why the app lets you set rules for controlling different items and appliances, and can alert you when someone's at your door, when a door or window is open, or even if it's getting too hot in your wine room.

  • I'm Here GPS Tracker

    Kid, car, spouse, whatever — if you need to track something, you can do it simply and easily with the new I'm Here GPS Tracker ($170). Thanks to a built-in GPS and GSM radio, this I'm Here can find its location either on demand — when you request it from the smartphone app — or at automatic intervals which are then reported back to the I'm Cloud service. It comes in seven attractive colors so as to make it more enticing to use, but at less than 1.5" square, it's just as easy to toss in a bag or pocket to keep track of... whatever or whoever it is you want to track.

  • Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner

    Used to be scanning in film required either a flatbed scanner with a special compartment inside or a standalone scanner — neither of which were particularly cheap. Soon you'll be able to do it with nothing but your phone and the Lomography Smartphone Film Scanner ($50). This portable device uses your smartphone's built-in camera and an included app to take high-resolution scans of nearly any kind of 35mm film, including color negative, color slide, and black and white films, as well as longer panoramic shots and analog movies.

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