Nissan Vmotion 2.0

Named for the signature front end design of many current Nissan vehicles, the Nissan Vmotion 2.0 is a look at the company's motoring future. A true blue-sky concept, it has a host of forward-thinking features, such as a front emblem and rear diffuser that glow to indicate when it's in autonomous mode and a huge horizontal display that serves as both control and gauge. The "floating roof" is made from wrap-around rear glass, Bose UltraNearfield Speakers provide 360-degree sound, and doors that swing outward in both front and rear provide easy access to the spacious, luxurious Zebra Wood-clad interior.

  • Dodge Shakedown Challenger

    Mixing classic style with modern components, the Dodge Shakedown Challenger is a unique hot rod that's more than the sum of its parts. Underneath the slightly modified 1971 Challenger body lies a modern 6.4L HEMI engine from Mopar, delivering 485 hp to the road via a six-speed transmission. The custom suspension is lowered, yet still makes room for the SRT Hellcat 19- and 20-inch wheels, the headlamps and taillamps come from a 2017 Challenger, and the interior has up-to-date gauges with front seats and a steering wheel taken from a Dodge Viper. The concept is clad in "Bitchin' Black" with satin black details.

  • Toyota Land Speed Cruiser

    It uses a 2016 Land Cruiser body, but the Toyota Land Speed Cruiser is no sleeper. Literally every single component on the truck has been changed in an effort to make it as fast as possible. That includes a pair of enormous turbos flanking either side of the 5.7L V8, an ATI transmission, a specially-designed hood, and an obviously lowered body. The result is a one-off beast that makes over 2,000 hp and can reach speeds of 220 mph, yet still sorta looks like an SUV from the outside.

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