Nook Simple Touch Reader

Pretty much everyone was expecting the next Nook to be a do-it-all, high-powered Android tablet. Boy were they wrong. The Nook Simple Touch Reader ($140) is aimed at the low-end crowd — not necessarily a bad thing — with a six-inch touchscreen e-Ink Pearl display, built-in Wi-Fi, internal storage for up to 1,000 books with a micro SD port for expansion, battery life of up to two months, and a svelte design with a soft touch back. Just think of it as an anti-iPad.

  • Sith Series Laser

    Find the Spyder III blue diode laser to be just a little too wimpy for your needs? Say hello to Wicked's new Sith Series Laser ($600). Using a Spyder interconnector, this double-handed laser sports dual 1W Spyder 3 lasers, which can be used separately or in the Darth Maul-style configuration, ready to decimate eyes, skin, paper, and anything else unfortunate to be in the path of its mighty beams. Seriously though — don't screw around with this thing unless you have a few spare retinas and a legal team at your disposal.

  • Humanscale Paramount

    Overkill. Insane. Impressive. All of these words are apt descriptors for the Humanscale Paramount ($1,800). The mother of all monitor mounts, it can accomodate anywhere from two to eight monitors weighing up to 35 lbs. each, and offers independent adjustment for perfect placement, crossbar "wings" that adjust from front to back to let you choose between a flat or parabolic display, and an integrated cable management system to hide the huge mess of cables from sight. Good luck finding a machine capable of running eight monitors at a time, but then again, if you've got easy access to eight displays, odds are that won't a problem.

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