The O-Grill 3000 ($175) proves that portable grills don't have to look like relics from a 1970's camping trip. Weighing in at only 24 lbs, the orange clamshell opens to reveal a 225 square-inch grilling surface and a 9450 BTU stainless steel burner that will run for over 4 hours on a single propane cylinder. The space-saving design and retractable legs make it great for activities like tailgating and camping, or set it up as a permanent fixture on your deck or balcony.

  • Blitzgrill

    The Radius Blitzgrill ($600) is perfect when you need to grill but don't have the space for a full-size or permanent installation, or when you're catering an impromptu, shotgun-style wedding. Available in black, red, or green, and ready in only five minutes, this gas powered, stainless steel grill has a fabric cover and a cast-iron grill plate that's removable and easy to clean. Remember, only flip your steaks once.

  • Huntingdon County Customs Keg Smoker/Grill

    The HCC Keg ($225) is a smoker grill made from — that's right — a beer keg. When loaded with kindling or coals, the smoker will maintain cooking temperature for over 11 hours, allowing you to slow cook your BBQ like the pros. Hopefully you'll be able to tell it apart from the other kegs you're storing on the back patio. Just remember, it's the one that's hot to the touch. [Thanks, Christy]

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