Obsessed with Star Wars

Obsessed with Star Wars

Let's see... a Star Wars trivia book, with an integrated scoring module for keeping tabs on how we do with 2,500 original questions challenging our knowledge of all things Force-related? Yes, Please. Obsessed with Star Wars ($20) is exactly that, filled to the brim with little known facts, entertaining quotes, and tough trivia that any young Padawan should know.

  • Wisdom

    From Andrew Zuckerman, the genius photographer behind the stunning Creature, comes Wisdom ($32), a similar hard bound book featuring knowledge and photos of 50 of the world's great writers, actors, artists, designers, politicians, musicians, religious figures, and business leaders of our time. The book comes with an accompanying documentary DVD.

  • Little People in the City

    Living in a large city can be overwhelming — people can often feel lost amongst so many, and this feeling is perfectly conveyed in the brilliant photography of Little People in the City ($18). This hardcover tome represents a collection of photographs from street artist Slinkachu, who for the last several years has photographed and then left tiny hand-painted figurines all around London — and has chronicled his work in a terrific blog. A perfect book for your coffee table. [Thanks, Tim]

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