Off The Road

"Exploration" has a far different meaning now than it did in the days of Lewis & Clark. Yet despite our high-tech existence, our urge to experience the great outdoors hasn't waned. Off the Road: Explorers, Vans, and Life Off the Beaten Track celebrates this spirit with a collection of adventures and various ways to take them. From Land Rovers and Jeeps to converted buses and motorcycles, it covers a broad range of vehicles and equipment, photographed with care amid breathtaking landscapes that provide a much-needed break from our plugged-in lifestyle.

  • The Nordic Cookbook

    Curating a cookbook that covers the diverse Nordic region is nothing short of a daunting task. But internationally acclaimed chef Magnus Nilsson was up to the task and The Nordic Cookbook is the beautiful and informational result. Made up of 700 recipes and Nilsson's personal photography, each Nordic culture can be better understood through the food they consume. Organized by food type, the cookbook provides recipes for familiar dishes like meatballs and ligonberry jam, as well as obscure Nordic fare like juniper beer and rose-hip soup.

  • Love Letters of Great Men

    Writing to the one you love is a time-honored tradition, no matter if you're a duke using a quill and ink or a modern day romantic letting your feelings be known 140 characters at a time. In either case, Love Letters of Great Men can provide some inspiration. This 150-page compilation of letters from throughout time includes poems and letters of both true loves and scandalous affairs alike from some of history's most well known men.

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