OnePlus X

The similarity to the iPhone 4 is undeniable. So is the fact that the OnePlus X is the company's best phone yet. It's available in two versions: Onyx, which has a rounded, polished black glass backplate, and Ceramic, which has a gray zirconia ceramic back that's baked at 2,700º F for over 28 hours and takes 25 days to make. Both models have brushed anodized metal frames with 17 microcuts for added texture, as well as 13 megapixel, f/2.2 rear cameras, Snapdragon 801 processors, 5-inch, 1080p AMOLED screens, and unique SIM slots that can support two nano SIMs simultaneously or one nano SIM and a microSD card. Both run OnePlus' OxygenOS, and have 16GB of internal storage.

  • Google Nexus 6P

    With both the hardware and software coming from the same company, the Google Nexus 6P is as close as you can come to an iPhone-like experience without actually using an iPhone. The aluminum-bodied phone is powered by an 8-core, 64-bit processor running Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and has a 5.7 inch 2560 x 1440 AMOLED display. It also packs in a fingerprint sensor on the back, NFC for mobile payments, a Sony-made 12.3 megapixel rear camera with 240 fps slo-mo and 4K video recording, and a USB Type-C port for charging. It comes in three colors and 32, 64, and 128GB capacities.

  • iPhone 6S

    Yes, they look the same as their predecessors on the outside. But the iPhone 6S and iPhone 6S Plus are no slouch upgrades. For starters, there's the new force-sensitive touchscreen that gives you new shortcuts and gestures from both the home screen and inside apps. That 4.7 or 5.5-inch screen is covered by a new, stronger kind of glass, while the metal shell is made from the same custom alloy as the Apple Watch for greater strength. Of course, there's a faster A9 processor, and since the iPhone is the most popular camera in the world, it got a healthy boost, too, with a 12 megapixel sensor, faster autofocus, and 4K video shooting and editing on the back, a new 5 megapixel sensor on the front that uses the screen as a flash, and new Live Photos that use burst shooting to turn still shots into GIF-like shorts.

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