OnGuard Beast Padlock

OnGuard Beast Padlock

Keep your tools, storage unit, or bacon-filled basement securely locked up using the OnGuard Beast Padlock ($25). It features a pick, pull, and drill resistant M-key Cylinder with BumpBlok, a X2 Dual Lock Down Deadbolt locking mechanism, a reinforced sleeve over the crossbar and cylinder, and five included keys, one of which sports an LED light to prevent nighttime padlock mishaps.

  • Stud 4 Sure

    No matter how many lasers, levels, and other doodads they add to normal stud finders, one thing remains constant — they're pretty much always a hit-or-miss affair. Literally. So believe us when we say that the C.H. Hanson Stud 4 Sure is the first we've used that consistently works, time after time. It requires no battery power or calibration, instead using über-powerful rare earth magnets to pinpoint the location of screws or nails in the stud — so powerful, in fact, that it will hang hands-free on the wall — leaving no doubt as to where you should be hammering or drilling. Beware searching Google for it, however, lest you find "drilling" of a whole other kind.

  • Jackson Pulverizer

    Whether you need to bust up an old driveway or simply want to make yourself a hole into the neighbor's bathroom for creepy, voyeuristic reasons, The Pulverizer is the tool for the job. At 3.5 lbs. and just over a foot long, it's sturdy enough to take some abuse while remaining small enough to pack along no matter what the job. Features include a industrial-grade sledge head with a 1.5-inch strike face, a two inch scraper and nail puller, a textured TPE grip, claw teeth for better grip when plying, and the strength that comes from fully-forged manufacturing.

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