Orbit Turntable

If you care at all about music, you know there's nothing quite like the sound of your favorite album playing on vinyl — and if you haven't made the plunge and bought a record player, it's about time you thought about picking up the Orbit Turntable ($180-$280). With a fully-manual belt drive, a two-speed pulley, a 24-volt synchronous motor, and vibration damping feet, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better one on the market. Choose between the basic and the plus for either an MDF platter, or an acrylic platter, with either an Ortofon or Audio-Technica cartridge in the basic, or an Audio-Technica AT95E cartridge in the plus. Either way, it's the perfect option to upgrade your listening experience.

  • Beats by Alexander Wang Collection

    It seems like everywhere you look, someone is sporting some sort of Beats device — whether it's a pair of headphones, earbuds, or portable speakers — but none of them look quite like the Beats by Alexander Wang Collection ($150-$450). This very limited edition takes three of these devices and coats them in matte black with pale gold accents, making them truly stand out. They include the Beats Pill portable speakers, Ur Beats ear buds, and Beats Studio headphones, and each comes in an Alexander Wang embossed glossy stingray case with a zipper and clip. Each one is available in limited amounts in a pre-sale event, but won't be for long.

  • Linn Sondek 40th Anniversary LP12 Turntable

    It may be more common than you think, connoisseurs of fine scotch also being audiophiles. To mark their 40th anniversary, Linn teamed up with Highland Park, makers of fine single malt scotch whiskey for the exclusive, and amazing Sondek LP12 Turntable ($40,000). Linn took their highest performance turntables and encased them in a remarkable whisky wood plinth, made from the actual solid oak casks that matured Highland Park whisky. If that sounds exclusive, it is, and there are only 40 of these that were made. But hey, at least they are throwing in a 40-year-old bottle of Highland Park, valued at nearly $1,500, to boot.

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