Outcast Float Tubes

Who said you need to haul a huge boat behind your truck just to do some on-the-water fishing? Outcast Float Tubes ($350-$500) are lightweight, inflatable watercraft that feature integrated seats, durable construction, optional anchor systems, space for bags on the arms, and oversized apron stays. As an added bonus, you'll be paddling yourself, so it might keep you from gaining an unwanted fisherman's gut.

  • Storm Kettle

    With a unique hollow design that allows it to boil water in just minutes, the Storm Kettle ($100) is a must-bring on your next camping or hiking adventure. Made from double-skinned aluminum, the kettle surrounds your fire, letting it breathe through side and top vents, the latter of which can be used to add more burnable fuel to the flames. It can boil 40 oz. of water in just three minutes, but it can't make that instant coffee taste any better.

  • Strathwood Portable Folding Hammock

    Hammocks are fantastic, but traditional models require something that's not always available: two sturdy trees/poles to hold them up, and once they're up, they're not exactly mobile. The Strathwood Portable Folding Hammock ($80) solves this problem by using a powder-coated steel frame that folds up and drops into its included carrying case, while the textilene fabric sling, suspension chains, and removable pillow keep you comfy, provided you had the sense to park the thing in the shade.

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