Type superimposed on top of photos doesn't have to be set in white Impact. Over ($2) lets you add beautiful typography to your photos, in whatever typeface and color you choose. You can use it to add witty captions, of course, but it's useful for much more than just that — thanks to the range of fonts available, you can find the perfect one to compliment the mood of your photo, then add extra meaning by choosing your words carefully. Instagram suddenly got a lot more interesting.

  • Bold Poker

    Take away the house advantage at your weekly poker game with Bold Poker ($2). This ingenious little app runs on iOS and lets you replace your standard deck of cards with an iPad and a bunch of iPhones or iPod touches. Each Hold'em player views their cards on a separate device, while an iPad in the middle keeps track of the board cards and automatically re-deals when you move the dealer button. It may handle betting, but at least it can't be accused of stacking the deck. [via]

  • Letterpress Game

    As if we needed yet another iOS time-waster. Oh well, we're already sucked in to Letterpress (Free-$1). The latest title from the creator of the app Tweetie — later known as Twitter — Loren Brichter, is a fun new word game that has you and your opponent take turns making words from a 5x5 board of letter tiles, turning the tile to their color. It uses Game Center, so it's easy to find and play against your friends, and it's free to try — you only need to pony up the buck if you want to play more than two games at once, see previously played words, and access additional themes.

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