Light painting is nothing new, but until now it took a lot of planning to do it with your iPhone. Pablo makes it easy. Likely named after Picasso, who did a whole series of light paintings, this app lets you capture both still photos and brief HD videos using nothing but your phone, a light, and, perhaps, a tripod. Most notably, it uses patent-pending tech to let you see the painting as it comes together, and has a built-in community to let you share your works and find new inspiration in the snaps of others.

  • Pantone Studio

    A must-have tool for designers since its first set of fan decks hit the market. Now you can enjoy all the color management and organization of the traditional set in a digital environment with Pantone Studio. This new app gives you access to their complete library of over 10,000 colors, with the ability to use your own photos to create and customizes palettes and mood boards. The app is free for basic use, while professionals can sign up for full acces for $8/mo or $60/year.

  • Google Arts & Culture

    Art inspires. It teaches. It enriches our lives. Now you can explore a vast collection of works without a trip to the museum with a download of Google Arts & Culture. Created using artworks, artifacts, and essays from over 1,000 museums and archives, this sleek app showcases a different work and its history every day, lets you zoom in to see the brushstrokes of your favorite artists, gives you VR tours of culturally important locations, and can even provide design inspiration by letting you filter by color.

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