Paintball Robot

Paintball Robot

Feel like taking a flyer on a possibly vaporware remote control sentry? Then step right up and make a pledge for the Paintball Robot ($1,200). This tactical robot will feature a top-mounted paintball gun with elevation change capabilities, as well as a tracked base that can climb stairs and turn in place, all while being light enough for a single person to carry it, and allowing you to control it from afar. Sound far-fetched? It might be, but you'll never know if you don't try.

  • Garmin Tracker

    Have a pet, kid, luggage, vehicle, or scandalous wife you need to keep track of? Grab yourself a Garmin Tracker ($200). This tiny GPS locator is both lightweight and waterproof, attaching easily to a backpack, pet collar, or rear seat headrest. With it you get one year of standard tracking, which lets you see its location via computer or via app, the latter of which also allows you to draw a geofence, complete with email or SMS notifications when the Tracker leaves your designated area — kinda like a shock collar fence, but without the inhumane treatment.

  • More/Real Stylus Caps

    You know the problem with most touchscreen styluses? They don't feel like real writing instruments. More/Real Stylus Caps ($20) aim to solve that problem. Crafted from stainless steel, these custom caps are made to fit perfectly onto the tip of the Sharpie, Bic, or Pilot Fineliner you already have around the office, serving as a stylus for tablet use and a cap for the pen, meaning you'll have one less thing to throw into your man bag alongside your iPad.

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