Pennwick Custom Golf Carts

Pennwick Custom Golf Carts

Whether you're a serious, everyday golfer or simply a lazy person who lives in a community where riding about on golf carts is acceptable, you can seriously up your game with one of these Pennwick Custom Golf Carts ($15,500 and up). Available in five styles — including the Ferrari-inspired F5, the Bentley-esque Brooklyn, and the classic hot rod-ish Smoothster — these unique mini whips are built atop new electric ClubCar chassis and feature heavy duty fiberglass bodies, a full compliment of lights, mirrors, and horns, and options like stereos, 15-inch rims, and leather seats.

  • OSSA TR 280i Trial Bike

    No, not "trail" — it's "trial." The OSSA TR 280i Trial Bike ($TBA) was built from the ground up for the rigors of trial riding, and as such features unique part placements such as a filter box and electronic injection system placed at the top and a compact two-stroke engine in the center bottom, as well as a six-speed gearbox, front and rear disc brakes, and a Marzocchi upside-down adjustable fork.

  • Derringer Bespoke Motorbikes

    Your suits are custom tailored, so why isn't your bike? Derringer Bespoke Motorbikes ($TBA) offer serious customization for the discerning customer, as well as a moto-hybrid drivetrain, a 49cc four-strike engine that can go up to 180 miles on a single gallon, a GGB gearbox with a centifugal clutch and freewheel that lets the pedals stay stationary while the engine's running things, a 70mm drum front brake, coaster rear brake, and any combination of paint, seat, handlebars, wheels, and other options you'd like.

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