People of Walmart

People of Walmart

Everyone's favorite collection of blurry-cam photos from the depressing aisles of America's biggest retailer comes straight to your coffee table in People of Walmart: Shop and Awe ($9). This 200+ page volume includes highlights from the website, all-new photos, fan stories, celebrity sightings, and, according to the description, goats, which would be quite surprising if we weren't talking about Walmart.

  • Cooking for Geeks

    Most geeks would rather tinker and investigate than be handed step-by-step instructions, and that's true for more than just code and gadgetry. Cooking for Geeks ($23) brings this philosophy into the kitchen, offering up instructions on how to set up the needed tools, information about the hows of cooking — including protein denaturation and caramelization — and insights from fellow geek cooks. [Thanks, Brian]

  • The Frankies Spuntino Cookbook

    Brooklynites are already familiar, but for those of you that don't live in the city that never sleeps, The Frankies Spuntino Cookbook ($16) is as close as you're going to get to the storied restaurant in Carroll Gardens. Packed with re-imagined versions of Italian-American food, the recipes inside are easy to cook yet deeply satisfying, kinda like a random hook-up with an old flame from high school.

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