Philips Clear LED Light Bulb

Everyone who's been paying attention knows that LED light bulbs are the future — but up until now, they haven't looked like light bulbs. The Philips Clear LED Light Bulb does. Using an innovative, world-first lens, this insanely efficient bulb delivers the warm light of a traditional incandescent bulb in all directions, mimicking the output of a 40 Watt bulb while letting you see the light at work thanks to a clear, familiar body.

  • Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp

    True to the ideas driving the design philosophy of the Bauhaus, the Kaiser Idell Luxus Lamp ($815) shows us that a simple device, in this case a desk-top lamp, doesn't need to look like a boring appliance. With its characteristic dome top, curving details, and glossy black embellishments, this recently-reintroduced design is a credit to the original. With chrome-plated steel and brass construction, as well as patented swivel joints that adjust the angle of the light, this lamp is more a work of modern art, than a simple device for illuminating whatever it is you're working on.

  • Roll & Hill Woody Light

    Light up your space while adding a 1970s-inspired aesthetic with these Roll & Hill Woody Lights ($4,800). Crafted from aluminum, acrylic, and wood, these LED lights join together to create an endless lighting fixture that can wrap around an entire room. This modular system consists of three units, but can be expanded to whatever extent you need to light up a room — you can even purchase angled sections that allow it to continue around corners. Each 35-inch unit mounts to the ceiling with 3/8th-inch aluminum stems that are finished in black matte.

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