PhoneSoap Charger

No, it's not some sort of science-experiment charger that runs off Dial — instead, the PhoneSoap Charger is designed to clean your phone itself. Inside its clamshell-style body, it features a standard 5V USB port that allows it to work with pretty much any phone that can fit, as well as a pair of UV-C lamps that can completely sanitize your phone in just 4 minutes. It also boasts acoustic outlets built into the design, so if you're the type that charges at night and uses your phone for an alarm, you'll still be able to wake up to whatever tone you've chosen — only this time with a freshly sanitized device.

  • Reign Activity Tracker

    You'd think a device meant to be worn day in and day out would take a more customized approach to fit, but the majority of activity monitors on the market take more of a one-size-fits-all approach. Not the Reign Activity Tracker ($TBA). It's made out of soft, seamless materials that actually shape to fit your wrist over time, while eight interchangeable size options let you tailor it to you. Like most activity monitors, it is compatible with iPhone, Android, and web apps, while featuring wireless connectivity. It also tracks your life by activity, monitors your sleep, and lets you know when it's time to get active.

  • ChefJet 3D Printer

    Just in case chefs and bakers were feeling left out of the whole 3D printing revolution, the ChefJet 3D Printer ($5,000-$10,000) is made not for engineering nerds and at-home DIYers, but for the culinary-elite who want to take their creations a step further. Instead of printing in PLA filament, these printers make three-dimensional creations out of sugar in a number of flavors including chocolate, vanilla, mint, sour apple, cherry, and watermelon. Available in two variations, there is a smaller monochrome printer meant to sit on a counter, and a full-color professional model that will print creations as large as ten by 14 by eight inches. Sweet treats may never be the same again.

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