If you're over the age of, say, 20, odds are you have some old analog photo prints laying around. Instead of buying a scanner to digitize them, use the highly capable camera in your phone and the PhotoScan app from Google. It uses specialized algorithms to detect edges, correct perspective, rotate as needed, and stitch multiple exposures together to get rid of glare. It also integrates seamlessly with Google Photos, and as with nearly all software from Mountain View, it's completely free.

  • Pablo

    Light painting is nothing new, but until now it took a lot of planning to do it with your iPhone. Pablo makes it easy. Likely named after Picasso, who did a whole series of light paintings, this app lets you capture both still photos and brief HD videos using nothing but your phone, a light, and, perhaps, a tripod. Most notably, it uses patent-pending tech to let you see the painting as it comes together, and has a built-in community to let you share your works and find new inspiration in the snaps of others.

  • Super Mario Run

    After years of anticipation, everyone's favorite plumber is finally coming to the iPhone. Just not how you'd expect. Super Mario Run mixes endless runner gameplay with elements of traditional platformers, and offers three different game modes: traditional, battle, where you challenge a friend's best score, and a third where you create your own "kingdom" using coins you gain in the other modes. Unlike past Mario adventures, it's playable one-handed, and judging by the screenshots — it doesn't launch until later this year — it might be the best-looking Mario ever made.

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