Pinhook Bourbon

There is an old southern term called Pinhooking, used to describe a keen purchase of a young thoroughbred. Bourbon and thoroughbreds are already friendly neighbors and Pinhook Bourbon helps join the two Kentucky staples together with their brand new spirit. The premier batch of 5,000 bottles features a hand-written, letter-pressed label profiling the horse Bourbon Courage — and their next batch will feature another promising colt. But it's what lies inside the bottle that is the real prize — a bright, balanced, high-rye bourbon curated by folks that know good whiskey when they taste it. Picking up a bottle could help you find a new favorite horse to root for and a new favorite bourbon to boot.

  • Russell's Reserve Single Barrel Bourbon

    As far as Kentucky Bourbon distiller's are concerned, it's hard to go wrong with the juice that the good folks at Wild Turkey churn out. That's why Russell's Reserve Single Barrel should be high on your radar, even before you take a sip. Of course, once you do have a taste you'll be treated to a bold, spicy, non-chill filtered dram of bourbon that Master Distiller Jimmy Russell is proud to lend his name to. It makes no apologies at 110 proof — but still manages to maintain an impressive balance between the sugar and barrel notes.

  • Buffalo Trace Extended Drying Time Bourbon

    Buffalo Trace continues to innovate with their Experimental Collection and the most recent release, Extended Stave Drying Time. The wood planks that make up a bourbon barrel are dried out in the open air for about six months before being turned into barrel planks. Stave drying plays an important role in the taste of the bourbon, so Buffalo Trace decided to experiment by allowing the staves for this spirit to dry out for about twice as long. The extended drying time bourbon is significantly aided by the extra time too, balancing the oak flavors that can sometimes dominate in an older bourbon. Snag both bottles and try them side by side with a friend for the full experience.

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