Pitt Boss BBQ Belt

Leave no doubt who's in charge of your next backyard cookout when you throw on the Pitt Boss BBQ Belt ($110). Made to hold everything you could possibly need to work a grill, this belt is packed with pockets, rings, and loops. Three insulated pockets — one in the back and two around front — hold your beer, keeping it cool while you cook. D-rings and carabiners hold tongs and spatulas, while loops hold a butane lighter and a meat thermometer. It has two large pockets for seasonings and sauces, as well as a phone pocket to keep it close at hand.

  • Spitjack Barbecue & Fireplace Gloves

    No matter how tough you are, you're still not immune to flames — and a burn on your hand is a sure way to spoil an otherwise fun night of fire-making. So, next time you're building a bonfire, spit roasting a pig, or indulging in a little seasonally-appropriate pyromania, throw on a pair of Spitjack Barbecue & Fireplace Gloves ($26), and leave the singed fingers to the professionals. Full-palm protection, foil lamination, and kevlar stitching means you won't feel the heat when holding a pan, wielding a hot poker, or launching a friendly bottle rocket at your buddy.

  • LotusGrill

    We love to grill out, that much is obvious. But some living situations make it completely impossible to safely get the experience and flavor of meat cooked on the grill (read: small apartments in the city with little-to-no yard or porch to speak of). The LotusGrill ($300) is a smokeless charcoal grill that uses a battery-powered fan, allowing it to cook faster, and more efficiently. Available in red, black, orange, green, and purple.

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