Platform Beer Company Speed Merchant IPA

Some people drink IPAs year round. But for others, it's more of a seasonal choice to be enjoyed as the temperature rises outside. For both groups comes Speed Merchant IPA from Platform Beer Company in Cleveland, Ohio. It's easy to support our home state, and even easier when the beer is good, and that's the case with Speed Merchant. It's a white IPA brewed with wheat that packs plenty of tropical fruit and citrus into the mix and should be a constant in your cooler this summer.

  • Budweiser Prohibition Brew

    While most aren't nostalgic about the days of Prohibition, some good things came from the era when booze was restricted. Budweiser Prohibition Brew allows you the chance to enjoy the taste of Bud, whenever and wherever you want, but with 0% alcohol. It's crafted using the same ingredients you'd find in Budweiser; yeast, hops, filtered water, and the distinctive beechwood aging process. So if it's all about taste, and Bud is your beer of choice, look for this non-alcoholic version — which is set to launch in Canada first — very soon on store shelves.

  • Commonwealth Brewing Marvolo Stout

    While perusing the endless choices in the beer aisle, sometimes choosing the best looking can also reward your taste buds. That is the case with Marvolo Imperial Stout from Commonwealth Brewing in Virginia Beach where they brew out of a converted fire station. It's brewed using cold brewed coffee, toasted dark coconut, and Dutch cocoa for a smooth, rich flavor. And thanks to the beautiful can design, you get a visual representation of the flavors mingling before you even have your first taste.

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