Plumen 002 Light Bulb

From the team behind the Plumen 001 — a fashionable, low-energy replacement for standard 60W bulbs — comes the Plumen 002 Light Bulb ($30). Like the 001, it uses CFL technology to provide all the lighting power of a 30W bulb while using less than a quarter of the energy, but the real draw is in the sculpted shape, made possible by a glass tube that's blown in the same way as a bottle, creating a curved, fluid form that looks great hanging from the ceiling, in a sconce, or even in a traditional table lamp.

  • Roll & Hill Woody Light

    Light up your space while adding a 1970s-inspired aesthetic with these Roll & Hill Woody Lights ($4,800). Crafted from aluminum, acrylic, and wood, these LED lights join together to create an endless lighting fixture that can wrap around an entire room. This modular system consists of three units, but can be expanded to whatever extent you need to light up a room — you can even purchase angled sections that allow it to continue around corners. Each 35-inch unit mounts to the ceiling with 3/8th-inch aluminum stems that are finished in black matte.

  • NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb

    While it may look like a mad science experiment, or some weird art piece gone wrong, the NanoLeaf LED Light Bulb ($35) represents a huge leap forward in lightbulb technology. This bulb replaces the average incandescent bulb in your home, using much less energy thanks to its LED light source — it's so efficient, in fact, that it will pay for itself in energy savings over its lifetime. The bulb also maintains a comparatively low temperature, making it safe to touch even after extended use. Unlike fluorescent bulbs, it contains no mercury, and unlike most other bulbs, it casts light in all directions, due to its unique shape and LED placement.

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