Poems That Make Grown Men Cry

It takes a real man to break out the weakness tissues and pass a little bit of eye water every now and then — and it takes some serious fortitude to document what brings you to the brink for the world to read. In Poems That Make Grown Men Cry: 100 Men on the Words That Move Them, a literary anthology containing the poetic works that brought scientists, actors, writers, and other important men to tears, you'll read the works of everyone from Keats and Wordsworth, to Joyce and Auden. Each piece is accompanied by a personal essay from a noteworthy guy, detailing just what about that great work made them weep. It's enough to make even the toughest of dudes get in touch with his emotional side.

  • Texas Quail Rigs

    Apparently in Texas they take their quail hunting pretty seriously — okay, make that very seriously — so seriously that they outfit trucks, jeeps, quads, even vintage sedans with everything you could possibly need for the hunt. Texas Quail Rigs profiles this unique intersection of car and hunting culture with beautiful photographs of more than 120 quail rigs, lending insight into this odd way of life. And while quail hunting is diminishing in Texas as game and participants dwindle, this book serves as a record preserving the extreme lengths hunters go to just to get the bird. So whether you're a hunter yourself, or just an avid admirer of automotive subcultures, you're going to want this book on your coffee table.

  • The Essential Cocktail

    More than just a simple collection of recipes for great drinks, The Essential Cocktail: The Art of Mixing Perfect Drinks is an exhaustive compilation of 100 of the most important drinks, their histories, and notes on how to mix them properly. Divided into a series of sections based on drink types, it covers all the essentials from classic cocktails and martinis to tropical drinks and sweet concoctions. With a focus on fresh, natural ingredients instead of artificial mixers that come in a bottle, and getting the best flavor possible out of each part of your recipe, this book will become the bar tending aficionado's go-to guide.

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