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In their quest to turn human experience into beautiful illustrations, the team at Pop Chart have unveiled their latest batch of infographics. Of course, they are way more than your standard illustrations, with prints that are meticulously compiled and displayed as pieces of art. The Compendious Coffee Chart is a detailed look at the many ways coffee can be made, while the Architecture of American Houses is a detailed diagram of 121 different American home architecture styles through the years. And the Visual Compendium Of Sneakers showcases the 134 greatest sneakers in human history, from the Chuck Taylor to the Air Yeezy. Each print uses 100 lb. archival stock and is pressed on an offset lithographic press using vegetable-based inks in New York.

Presented by Pop Chart Lab.

  • Ballpark Diamonds

    You might not associate Major League Baseball stadiums with art that deserves a place on your walls, but Ballpark Diamonds are certainly worthy. These mini stadium sculptures are made using a single layer of oak, and are each assembled by hand. A custom frame is then added and they're ready to hang. To start, Busch Stadium, Dodger Stadium, Fenway Park, and Kaufmann Stadium are the only parks available, but there is a special option to have a custom stadium built, past or present, if you can't wait for the rest to roll out.

  • Everbright

    Inspired by the classic toy Lite-Bright, Everbright is an adult-sized creative outlet. It measures four feet tall and eight feed wide — 42x bigger than the Lite-Brite — and has 464 dials, each of which can produce every color of the rainbow. It encourages natural engagement between employees and helps creative minds "reset" away from the distractions of meetings and devices, includes three animations, erases with the touch of a button, and is also available in a smaller, more affordable 232 dial "mini" version.

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