Porsche Design Knives

Porsche Design Knives

Whether you're looking for something a bit more fashionable than a standard multi-tool or simply want to brag about the name, Porsche Design Knives ($210) are a decent option. Built by Wenger, the same chaps who make the Swiss Army Knife, these multi-function tools include nail files, bottle openers, corkscrews, scissors, and, of course, knives, all encased in a curved, organic handle. Should look great with that 911 GT2 RS you've had your eye on.

  • CXXVI Scrimshaw Knife

    Want a pocket knife that stands out from the wood- or stag-handled blades of your father, yet has a more traditional look that modern multi-tools? This CXXVI Scrimshaw Knife ($95) should do nicely. Hand etched in a small workshop in Maine, this seascape scrimshaw is laid into the bone with black india ink and sealed with a double dose of wax to protect the design and handle. Way nicer than the so-called scrimshaw junk being peddled at the beachside trinket store this summer.

  • Leatherman MUT Multi-Tools

    Whether you're a handyman, a soldier, or a crazy, bomb-defusing badass, you're sure to find at least one of the Leatherman MUT Multi-Tools ($150) works for you. These multi-tools were built with the military in mind, containing specialized components for handling maintenance on the M16/AR15 family of rifles, but still contains the common tools — like screwdrivers, hammer, saw, knife, wire cutters, pliers, and, of course, a bottle opener — that regular joes care about. Opt for the EOD model and you'll get bomb-defusing tools like fuse-wire cutters and a cap crimper, so you won't be running around looking for tools, MacGruber-style.

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