Kettle bells are great for a variety of strength training exercises, but not all require the same weight. So instead of spending a small fortune on a whole set, just pick up a PowerBell ($200-$250). This ingenious training device uses a set of weight plates that can be easily removed and reconfigured to create the ideal weight for your current exercise — from 5 to 20 lbs. or 10 to 40 lbs — saving you precious space in your home gym and a whole lot of cash.

  • RealRyder ABF8

    Although indoor training bikes are a great way to get in shape, they don't do a great job of reproducing the feeling of actually being outdoors. The RealRyder ABF8 ($2,000) offers an alternative to the stiff, immobile ride from the typical stationary bike. You'll work out muscles usually untouched while biking as the RealRyder flexes, tilts, and turns as you ride, forcing you to rely on your core and upper body muscles to resist the instability. The ABF8 sports a black frame and shrouding, with a polished flywheel and two bottle holders (one for water, the other for the TV remote). You'll burn more calories and get in shape faster, all without leaving the living room.

  • FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards

    The FitDeck Exercise Playing Cards ($10-$15) are an interesting take on getting in shape without equipment. These stacks of playing cards contain illustrations and instructions describing different exercises, stretches, and movements that require only your bodyweight to perform, but still allow you to build and tone muscle and increase flexibility effectively. There's even a FitDeck with exercises you can do in the office, helping to increase blood circulation, keep muscles limber, and eliminate the stress that's part and parcel of a modern office job. And then there's the Navy SEAL FitDeck.

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